Turquoise is known to be a sacred stone in many if not all southwestern Native American cultures. It is believed to possess a variety of varying powers. It is said that it should always be gifted or traded if worn as a healing, protective stone or its strength is weakened. Native Americans use it has an offering to their gods for any thing from good health in their family to bless and show gratitude to a producing spring in order to keep it flowing. Turquoise embodies Mother Earth and Father Sky and is a reflection of the strength and power that resides in water. Water is the life force.

Turquoise is very promonate in the southwest and is a by product of the large amount of copper mines found in the four corners region. Every copper mine has a sister turquoise mine or at leased it did at one point. Turquoise is becoming more and more rare because there is only so much and there are not many active mines these days. This is why 'stabilized' turquoise came onto the market. Approximately 95% of all turquoise that comes from every mine is too soft and 'chalky' to be hard enough to be considered 'gem grade'. Commercial industries started 'stabilizing' turquoise some time in the 60's by various methods but most commonly by means of injecting plastic into this sacred stone. Stabilized turquoise= plastic.

So the remaining 3-5% of turquoise is 'Natural Turquoise' this is a special term used only for turquoise that is completely 100% untreated. No dies, no plastic, no stabilizers ect. Natural Turquoise is as it was when it was pulled from the ground, with a high enough silica content to be considered gem grade and be hard enough to cut and polish. 

Here at Ack.Creations we only work with Natural Turquoise, we believe in its sacredness and its power and want to respect its relevance in past and present cultures and spiritual capacity.